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June 9 @ 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Judd’s Restaurant at Gateway City Arts is open for dinner the night of the show, make a reservation here!

Formed in the fall of 2012, The Glad Machine set out to write some of the catchiest rock songs on the vibrant Western Massachusetts music scene. Drawing influence from Cheap Trick, The Posies, Jellyfish, The Beach Boys and Superdrag. The Glad Machine has honed their sound into a power-pop vessel to be reckoned with.

Western Massachusetts songwriter Alex Rohan has been in the live music scene in New England for the last fifteen plus years. With a unique & polished style of guitar playing, deep relatable emotion filled lyrics alongside powerful & delicate vocals, Alex offers a wide variety and pays homage to many different  genre’s. Music and it’s ability to bring people together always fascinated Alex. He started his singing career at a very young age in the back seat of his mothers car and singing along to chosen radio stations at her hair salons. His father’s musicianship and love for music led Alex into a whole generation of fantastic influences. He began to have interest in artist’s / genre’s such as: Micheal Jackson, Nirvana, The Eagles, Cat Stevens, Beach Boys, Boys 2 Men ,Ub 40,Jewel, James Taylor, reggae, jazz / funk, folk & blue grass, progressive, punk, heavy metal and rap/R&B. This has essentially influenced his chord progressions, lyrical selection, and decisions vocally.

Pridefalls is a quintet based in Western, MA. Together since 2005, members Paul Dionne (bass), John Veit (vocals, guitar), Sean Croteau (drums), Steve Becker (guitar, keys, vocals), and Tim Cullinan (vocals, guitar), have evolved from an acoustic based pop-rock band to a jam-band rooted in lush, anthemic music.

Their 2010, debut LP “Heat” exhibits their creative musicianship, heartfelt lyrics and wide ranging influences.

Now, armed with new original songs, sing-along covers, and a new album in the works, PF brings their energetic, entertaining and uplifting live show to Race Street Live, 6/9/23.

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