City Halls Dedication Celebration

On Thursday April 6th, 2023 City Hall was finally, and officially, dedicated. Community members, dignitaries, businesses, organazations and children all joined together to celebrate this day. Look through the gallery and read what Mayor Joshua Garcia had to say on this historic day!
Dedication of Holyoke City Hall
Thursday, April 6, 2023
Good afternoon. And welcome to this momentous occasion. We’re here today to dedicate — to finally dedicate — the beautiful City Hall that is the beating heart of Holyoke.
Construction was completed 148 years ago but, for reasons unknown, a formal dedication never happened. So now, as we celebrate Holyoke’s 150th anniversary, we’re going to take care of that.
Although built of stone, as so many monuments are, Holyoke’s City Hall is a living, working monument. It welcomes every citizen from every neighborhood in our diverse, dynamic city. It is a monument to democracy and equality.
Our City Hall is majestic, which is fitting, because within its walls we honor and practice the majestic principle of government by and for the people. If our City Hall looks like a palace, that’s because it is: The Peoples’ Palace.
Within these walls are the offices and meeting rooms where we work together to preserve and improve the quality of life for every resident of Holyoke. You see these grand arches? An architect will tell you that an arch consists of two incomplete elements that become strong when they lean on each other. The collaborations that take place inside our City Hall are like that: No one person has all the answers, but by working together — by leaning on each other — we become stronger in our pursuit of all that is best for Holyoke.
The collaborations, negotiations and compromises that drive the engine of city government extend beyond City limits. In fact, 300 years ago, before Holyoke was a city, it was part of Springfield. 250 years ago, we were part of West Springfield. We have not forgotten our roots and I would be remiss if I didn’t give a special welcome today to West Springfield Mayor William Reichelt. We go back a long way, and we continue to cooperate on regional issues because — just as no man is an island — no city goes it alone. I also want to welcome (other Mayor’s present). And welcome to all our state delegation including our Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll, our partners in Government who understand cross-jurisdictional collaboration supporting each other to improve the quality of life for everyone.
I’m going to wrap it up with a few words from my predecessor, Mayor William B.C. Pearsons, Holyoke’s very first mayor, elected in 1873. In his first official address, Mayor Pearsons said he hoped, quote: “Municipal affairs may be administered economically, honestly and judiciously.” He went into detail about fiscal restraint and prudent oversight and concluded with the words: “I trust we shall mutually support each other in all just and meritorious measures that may be introduced, or perfected, for the happiness and prosperity of our constituents, in all action that may be taken to advance the moral, social or physical condition of the people.” What Mayor Pearson’s aspired to 150 years ago, and many Mayor’s before me (some who are here today) I commit to today and I dedicate both City Hall and myself for as long as my cabletow allows, to the people — all the people — of Holyoke and the people of Massachusetts for civic engagement and the practice of good governance.
-Mayor Joshua Garcia

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