Explore Holyoke Restaurant Week 2022

The Holyoke Office of Planning & Economic Development (OPED), in collaboration with Holyoke Community College (HCC), Greater Holyoke Chamber, and Glammoré Premier Events, is happy to announce an exciting cultural event called Explore Holyoke Restaurant Week (EHRW). Building off the 2019 Holyoke Tourism Plan, OPED has been working with a large tourism stakeholders’ group to move forward on strategic tourism initiatives and promote local business.

The Explore Holyoke Restaurant Week event is scheduled for Monday, June 6th to Sunday, June 12th. The EHRW event will allow local restaurants to showcase their menu options and increase local and out-of-area visitors. This will be a 7-day celebratory festival kicking off with food demonstrations from our diverse local restaurateurs highlighting the art and science of cooking.

Please see food demonstration schedule below:

  • Monday 6/6: CRAVE Holyoke – Arancini Balls
  • Tuesday 6/7: Dino’s Pizza – Chicken 65 and Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Wednesday 6/8: Los Muñaños – Mofongo
  • Thursday 6/9: Khi and Eli’s – Special Meatloaf
  • Saturday 6/11: Top Flight NutritionTea Party Demo

If you wish to view a food demo, please click here to register.

Participants will have the opportunity to track their food journey with a “food passport” that lists all participating restaurants. After visiting a participating EHRW restaurant, the participant will obtain a stamp to confirm their visit. At the end of EHRW, the passports will be utilized as a coupon, and the number of stamps obtained during EHRW will correspond to a discount that can be applied after EHRW. If you participate, please see the discount levels below:

Please note the coupon is good for one visit and is for food only

  • 3 – 15%
  • 5 – 20%
  • 7 – 25%
  • 10 – 30%
  • 12 – 35%
  • 15 – 40%
  • 17 or more – 50%

Within the upcoming weeks, restaurants participating in level 1 should plan to coordinate any special meals or plans for the week and will be provided passports and stamps.

Please note, when a customer spends more than $10 in your restaurant dining in, you will stamp their passport. Discounts will be used one time only after EHRW and will be valid for 3 months after the event.

You can pick up your passport at any participant restaurant or use the link below to download and print out.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can a participating restaurant be visited?

A participating restaurant can be visited a MAX of 3 times, as shown in the “food passport” with three stamp boxes. We encourage individuals to explore various participating restaurants!

How many stamps can a visit get you?

A visit of a minimum of $10.00 will get you 1 stamp. For example, a visit of a total of $30.00 will NOT get you 3 stamps, ONLY one.

What if a family or more than one individual has a passport?

If numerous individuals have passports during the meal, if the meal is paid in one receipt, then only ONE stamp will be provided. Stamps are given when a minimum of $10.00 is spent and per receipt. Passports can be shared between family members; however, coupons will be good for one visit.

How is your passport stamped?

Participants must ask a restaurant to stamp their passport after the meal.

How long are the coupons good after Explore Holyoke Restaurant Week is over?

A coupon can be utilized up to three months (Oct. 31st, 2022) after Explore Holyoke Restaurant Week and is only applicable to participating restaurants.

For more questions about Explore Holyoke Restaurant Week, please contact Ileana Carrion, Senior Project Manager, OPED, at carrioni@holyoke.org or 413-322-5655.

Participating Restaurants

Crave Holyoke

Crave Holyoke

Eclectic food choices ranging from healthy vegan options to the Boricua bowl providing fresh, vibrant and unique cuisine to the area- all while being conscious of the environment and inspiring others to achieve their dreams.
Sun closed, Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 12pm-8pm