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June 3, 2023 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Join us for an evening of live Salsa music from one of the region’s most dynamic performers, sponsored by Nueva Esperanza!

Judd’s Restaurant at Gateway City Arts is open for dinner the night of the show, make a reservation here!

Lessons in the Music Room from 6:30 – 7:30

About the artist:

Jesus Pagan has had the honor to share the stage and perform as a backup vocalist with some of the greatest stars of Latin music. Among them: Cheo Feliciano (R.I.P.) / Ray De La Paz / Frankie Vazquez / Michael Stuart / Viti Ruiz / Herman Oliveras / Menique / Edwin Clemente / Charlie Sepulveda / Charlie Aponte / Gilberto Santa Rosa / Tito Nieves / Tony Vega / Luisito Carrion / Johnny Rivera / Ismael Miranda / Van Lester / Tito Rojas / Paoli Mejias / Jerry Medina / Paquito Guzman / Nino Segarra / and La India to mention a few. Jesus Pagan has had the honor to perform lead vocals for: Larry Harlow, Eguie Castrillo, Ray Gonzalez, Richie Ray, Conjunto Clasico, George Delgado, Orq,Komboloko, Orq. Homenaje A La Salsa, Orq.Costa Brava de P.R., and Orq.Dicupe.

Jesus has received various nominations to different awards in the nation, 8 times mentions to theGrammies and Latin Grammies 2010, 2011, 2012. Jesus received the Paoli Award in 2008. He has also received various local recognitions in the cities of Hartford Ct., Springfield Ma., Holyoke Ma., Quebradillas P.R., New York City for best Salsa Band and performance in live events.

Now as musical director and lead Singer/Songwriter for his own salsa orchestra, Jesus Pagan hasrelease 5 productions in a period of 10 years as a solo artist. His first album is title “Salsa De La Mata” (“From The Roots”). The album is Jesus Pagan’s original master peace written and compose by himself which includes 8 original songs. This production granted him the Paoli Award and a mention to the Grammys. Jesus Pagan’s second album entitled: “Un Regalo Especial” earned him 4 mentions to the Latin Grammys. Jesus Pagan also released a DVD live performance that was exclusively released for the central and south American market. Jesus Pagan’s latest album is: “Ya Llego Conjunto Barrio”, This album awarded him a recognition as Local artist of the year and was granted the honors to be Grand Marshal at the 2016 Puerto Rican Festival in Holyoke. This production was also mentioned for 3 categories for the Latin Grammys. Jesus Pagan has had the honor of composing for other Salsa artists like Ray De La Paz, Willie Morales, Whisky Barons, Awilda Hernandez, Eguie Castrillo, Komboloko and Conjunto Barrio.